Our mission

We look at each brief as a challenge to find the best solution. No two briefs are the same, and each shall require an individual solution. Aside from above-average legal expertise, such requires curiosity and enthusiasm for what is new. Endurance, precision, and drawing joy from research work are leading the way to the goal. Excellence, integrity and a grasp of economics are the characteristics of a good lawyer. For a lawyer, a life outside of work is equally important in order to pursue his or her manifold interests.

Focus area

Our work focuses on tailor-made solutions for entrepreneurs, family enterprises, and wealthy private individuals. This includes legal advice on company agreements, corporate action, and structural changes, along with M&A processes and complex succession solutions for family enterprises. We will support our clients in both negotiations and disputes.


We offer you an opportunity for professional and personal development. The goal is partnership in a cooperative and loyal environment. The path toward this will be discussed openly, and promises will be kept. The compensation will reflect your above-average qualifications.


Do our mission statement, the focus of our activities, and your prospects appeal to you? If so, we would like to get into conversation with you, regardless of whether you have just embarked on your career or already have gained professional experience. We look forward to hearing from you. Please send your application to:

Dr. Georg Zinger

Stiftstraße 3

70173 Stuttgart

Tel.: +49 711 220 222-0


Naturally, your application will be treated strictly confidential.